So what is this Cloudy Skies Design all about?  So do you make jewelry, do you curate a boutique—what???? 

The answer is, “Yes!!“ 

About four years ago I found myself in a new season of life.  I started looking at things differently and wondered if I could express my creativity in a way that even others would appreciate.   I started making jewelry—using designer wallpaper as my medium.  I tapped into the business and retail experience I had and started learning a lot more about selling something I design and make and am so excited about.   As any creative knows—a lot of ups and downs happened, but also a ton of positivity and cheering on happened.  In 2023 I made significant strides in my jewelry business.  Of course, there is always room for growth and improvement (ie, social media)—but let’s celebrate what we can!  I jumped outside my comfort zone with a photoshoot; I expanded my design portfolio and gave each design a name—this has helped me see my progress and be more efficient in managing inventory; I attended Chicago Collective expanding my stockists nationwide;  I saw this business bring others joy when they are with me in the studio creating, making a purchase, or wearing something that makes them feel beautiful; I connected with the community at art shows and farmer markets; and I was presented with new opportunities. 

That new opportunity is the style boutique.  Why couldn’t a jewelry artist curate a boutique?  Jewelry, clothes, footwear, home accents—all part of an individual’s style.  All ways to express ourselves.  

So in 2024 Cloudy Skies Design is still about sustainable, different, wearable art.  But the brand has expanded to include all the details that elevate your look.   

Thank you for reading this far!  I am so excited about the year ahead!!

Thank you for being a part of this journey!  


Reach out any time:  cloudyskiesdesign@gmail.com