Who would have thought?

Who would have ever thought people would love these!  It is hard to sell a product that is first just a thought that you alone seem excited about.  Something different, out of the "ordinary".  There is a special challenge with earrings made from wallpaper--a material that definitely provokes a reaction that, maybe, isn't always favorable.  Wallpaper is a material that really needs to be seen to appreciate the amazing sparkle or depth of color; or felt to understand the subtle softness or defined texture.  Art for your ears made from wallpaper?  The only way to understand is to really experience them--lightweight, durable, beautiful.  Thank you to the customers that have taken a chance on this different kind of earring.  And to those that are still wondering what to do--I am sure you will love them.  If in doubt...don't take my word for it...read what others have to say under "Reviews."

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