Wallpaper earrings? What????????

Honestly, you may have thought to yourself...you are making earrings out of paper and that is cool...why?  So, hopefully you will enjoy this little story about how this idea came to be.

My husband has installed wallpaper for over 30 years.  And wallpaper has come and gone as fashionable in the decorating world.  Well...it is back...and it is so amazing to work with!  There is a lot of skill in hanging wallpaper, it is a true art...and I am not trying to fool anyone here...it is not me with that skill. When I am on a wallpaper install with Mark, I am basically the "wallpaper assistant"--Mark says "Knife!"--I hand him the knife; "Sponge!"--I hand him the sponge.  But I get to watch a room be transformed from plain to magnificent; from dated to modern; from stale to breathtaking.  And the papers we work with are from around the world!  Hand-painted; hand-woven; full of texture, color and beauty.  

One day at work, while Mark was installing wallpaper on a ceiling, I was sitting quietly and I made myself a pair of earrings!!  Well...that is really simplifying the earring making process.  There is a little more to it than just "making an earring!"

As we are working with the paper, I can observe how the paper reacts to adhesive, water, temperature, and stresses of sorts.  Then I can decide if it is  a good fit for crafting into a wearable piece of art.  If it passes the water test, the rip test, the twist-bend-pull test...we have a start.  Next, I look at the pattern of the paper.  You know when you are trying to decide on a paint or wallpaper for your walls--you get a little sample and you have to try to imagine the whole area with this repeated pattern.  Well, I have to think the opposite way.  I see the big pattern--the whole picture--and I look to see if I can isolate just one part of it for that perfect, one-of-a-kind statement piece.  What shape would highlight the pattern the best?  What color will I choose for the findings?  Will I use clay or filagree with this paper?

So, yes...wallpaper earrings.  Wallpaper is coming back, you know?  Durable, lightweight, water resistant.  But most of all...unique.  Many of these pieces are literally one-of-a-kind.  You are unique...your accessories should be too!

Thanks for reading...keep visiting the website for new styles and new looks!


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