Fond du Lac--where we are!

Oh, Fond du Lac!  Have you heard of it?  Have you been here?
It's a city in Wisconsin located on the southern shores of Lake Winnebago.  
How did we end up here??  We both grew up in Wisconsin, but lived out of state for several years.  We had the excitement of moving a lot and living in New York, California (SoCal to be exact), Arizona, and believe it or not--Texas.  Those years were challenging, fulfilling, exciting and life-changing.  
We moved back to Wisconsin in 2019.  Not knowing where to live, we stayed in Madison, Wisconsin for 10 months and moved to Fond du lac just before the world changed in February of 2020.   We love it here.  We are close to family, have a great group of friends and have become part of the community in unexpected ways.  
Fond du Lac has so much to offer!  The lake is gorgeous!  Shopping is convenient.  The community is diverse.  It is centrally located (Appleton, Milwaukee, Elkhart Lake, Madison!). We love walking in the park, driving to a world-class winery right down 151, organic local veggies delivered to our door every summer, seeing the beauty of the seasons along the hillsides and enjoying a perfect mix of city and country.  
And now...if those aren't reasons enough to check it out...the boutique is the newest and maybe the best reason!  Cloudy Skies Design is a style boutique inside Stel + Shay Collective.  Visit us for shopping that is different!  A full-service boutique inside a wellness and beauty oasis. 16 Guindon Blvd, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin!
I can't wait to welcome you!!!

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